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confessions of a
serial dater

anyone but you:
more com- than rom-

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a love letter to
the duke benches

to girls who
didn't date in
high school


how to lose a
hinge date in 10 days

love letters from
the coop


L O V E songs...

All lyrics are not created equal; this is evident. Some are catchy, some rhyme, and some affect you in a physical way. This Valentine’s day, The Coop has put together a list of twenty songs with gut-wrenching lyrics about love. Spanning from 1960s rock to 2023 retro-pop, we bring you the songs (and lyrics) that make us pause, rewind, and reconsider whether or not we’ve ever actually known love. These songs are beautiful and we hope you’ll like them — or kind of hate them — as much as we do. Listen with the ones you love, or by yourself. Probably by yourself.

With love (but not the kind that makes your stomach hurt),

The Coop

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