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a poem to my roommate

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Jaden Snyder

To My Rad Roommate:


In all the Little Ways I Love You

I hope you know they’re true

I hope you see the way I cheer 

When you go for something new

I hope you see the way I laugh 

When you do that dance you do 

And I hope you see the way I smile

When YOU say you Love me too 

For all the Little Ways You Love me

I love you more each day 

I love you more than Stevie Wonder says 

he loves the month of may

I love you for the notes you leave me 

And your simple acts of kindness

I love you cause you always love me

Even when im mindless 

I love you cause you teach me 

In a Thousand Different Ways

What it means to love oneself

Even on bad days

So because you love YOU

and by some chance love ME too

I guess that’s something…

I could also try to do

Because You Love Me

You’ve showed me I deserve it 

And somewhere along the way

I’ve stopped thinking (maybe) I’m not worth it


Because there is no maybe when it comes to you and me

We love each other Simply

Just as all BEST FRIENDS should be

You love me for the good just as much as the bad

And I Love You and You Love You 

Because duh… you’re RAD

But lucky me YOUR radness has radiated 

And now my heart is warm

So I can say I love me too 

Thanks for making that the norm


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