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to my skin, my story, my blackness

By Lauren May

she bites into your ripe sweetness 

Full she grins, stained 

despite ruined, victorious 

I kiss you in the sunlight   

Violently want you more because you are 

Mine when marred 

Mine when scarred

Mine when barred

From Their beauty 


bear witness to the labor of my fruits 

My story tilled by your swells and changes

You, are you good enough? 

and I, am I beautiful?

You harvest all that is my story

Fertile in my triumphs, my dark glory

I am unyielding in your embrace, not yet  

graceful facility  

Thoughts obscured by 

Neon headlines blaring of waifish

Pale soft saccharine figures 

Dainty, and better for it 


Never you

rich in sable vibrancy

Never me 

Bold in curves 

Never enough 


Yet Slowly the smoky tendrils unfurled from

Unseeing eyes

And I see you soft in my arms

I think. I adore you. 

damning dawdling doubts 

Brown is such a beautiful color 

Brown beautiful, beautiful black

Rich as the earth, Vibrant as life

full of color, Colorful vibrancy of you

Black and Beautiful,

beautiful enough for me 

I love you. I swear. I do.

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