impermanent reverie

Rebecca Eneyni

Over quarantine, in the nauseating monotony of my self-care rituals - celebrating my daily black coffee and peanut-butter oatmeal bowl, half-heartedly rereading my favorites, or binge-watching another oversaturated TV show - I found myself devoid of inspiration. I missed finding new interests; I missed sampling hobbies or activities. Are you imagining this piece will be the story of my sudden dedication to leap from bed and develop a new passion in quarantine? If so, you are mistaken. Instead, I continued to be a couch potato, and succumbed to the ruthless blackhole of Youtube. 


By virtue of the algorithm, I found myself binging videos of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, subscribing to accounts such as Mango Street and studying editorial photography. Simultaneously, quarantine also marked the time of validation posts, casual bikini shots in backyards and golden-hour selfies; I’m not criticizing (I too have done it) and understand the quick-hit of serotonin that Instagram-likes produce. Luckily, my Youtube pastime and our generation’s Instagram guilty pleasure created a new market: dressing my friends up and taking pictures of them. Here is my collection, styled and photographed by me, a less-than-amateur photographer with a copious amount of time and validation sickness during quarantine.