The Rodeo Circuit

Grace Endrud

This photography series, titled “the Rodeo Circuit,” emphasizes the spectacular nature of performance, showcased through the rodeo. In my images, I use high-contrast black and white photography to highlight the performers as they passionately defend their traditions. The use of the American flag reflects the uniquely American nature of the sport, an emblem of America’s Wild West. The rodeo I took the photos, Fort Worth Stockyards, developed between 1866 and 1890, when cattle drivers drove millions of cattle through the town.  In 1893, Fort Worth Stockyards was officially established. Although the importance of the driver has since diminished, the stockyards remain a part of the local community. The high contrast pieces seek to highlight the individual performers as they face not only the adversity of performance but the adversity of their dying tradition.

Under the Lights.jpg
8 seconds.jpg
On the Run.jpg
Freedom Rider.jpg
The Rodeo Circuit.jpg