Oreo balls

Mohini Johri

Anyone who knows me knows I freaking love Christmas. I’m the person who, as soon as it hits November 1, pulls out both my moderately sized fake tree and mini fake tree, puts up garlands, makes sure every possible inch of wherever I am is covered in Christmas lights, and makes sure there’s nothing but Christmas music is playing 24/7. I make my dog put on her Olaf costume, make my family sit down and create gingerbread houses with me, and have a meticulous all-day plan to put up lights and decorations outside my house with my mom. This past Christmas, I did this to my living room in my Hollows suite from November 1 until it was time to leave for winter break. There is no better, happier, or more homey time of year. I bring this up now because lately, I’ve found myself listening to Christmas music while working or studying, which is something everyone on this campus has been doing a lot of these days. Despite the fact that it is in fact the end of March, I find comfort in listening to these songs; the association between Christmas and joy is too strong to not work. Consequently, I was reminded of a cute and incredibly simple recipe my family and I made this past winter, and also one that I strongly urged them to consider following before they come and visit me at the end of this week. Oreo balls are one of the simplest and most delightful pieces of dessert I have ever encountered. Surprisingly rich and incredibly flavorful, they are sure to satisfy any craving you might have for sugar and Christmas. The recipe is as follows:



  1. Oreos (one full pack)

  2. Cream cheese (one block)

  3. Melting chocolate (white)

  4. Wooden popsicle sticks (optional)



  1. Some method of crushing oreos (either a food processor or literally a Ziploc bag and something to hit it with, creativity here is encouraged)

  2. Some method of melting chocolate (microwave is super easy but beware of seized chocolate. Melting over stove also works)

  3. Tray/plate to put oreo balls on



  1. Choose your oreo flavor. It really doesn’t matter what kind you use; the original is a classic and you can’t go wrong. For the Christmas ones, I used peppermint oreos from my second home Wegmans. I’ve also tried using caramel coconut flavored ones and those turned out fabulously. The Oreo world is your oyster. 

  2. Crush oreos somehow. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. If you’ve had a bad day or your professor just assigned their 5th assignment of the week or there’s just that one concept that you can’t get or you’re looking for literally anything else to do other than work, I would encourage putting the oreos in a Ziploc and hitting it with something like a rolling pin. In this case, double bagging is a good idea because the chances that the Ziploc will break are high. Otherwise, a food processor does the same job and might not be as fun but that’s okay.

  3. Combine crushed oreos with cream cheese. Not gonna lie, this part can get messy. The most effective way to do this is to use your hands to sort of knead it all together. You can also try using a spoon but it doesn’t mix as well that way so just be wary. Fair warning that if you don’t vibe with interesting textures, you may in fact want to use the spoon.

  4. Form crushed oreo/cream cheese mixture into balls. I recommend golf ball sized, but again, up to you.

  5. Place oreo balls in the freezer for 10-15 minutes for them to harden.

  6. Melt the chocolate. Ensure that the chocolate you have is melting chocolate: this is key. I am trying to save you from the fate of having to witness the tragedy that is seized chocolate. I didn’t know it was a thing and happens from overheating chocolate; trust me there’s nothing like wasted chocolate to get those tears flowing. The microwave is effective (if you do like 10-15 second increments that would be ideal to make sure the chocolate isn’t seizing) but my family has found that if you melt it by holding a smaller pot over a larger pot of boiling water and putting just a touch (a teaspoon or two) of Crisco shortening in there, it tends not to seize as easily and covers the oreo balls beautifully. 

  7. Take oreo balls out of the freezer and coat them with chocolate, one by one. This part can get tricky; if you use a fork to hold the oreo ball and another to spoon the chocolate over top, that results in pretty good coverage overall. If you want to put some kind of popsicle stick type thing in them to be able to hold them, this would be the step to do that.

  8. Place chocolate covered oreo balls in the fridge and wait until chocolate hardens completely. Usually this doesn’t take long but I usually leave them overnight to be sure.

  9. If you’re feeling ~fun~ you can add decorations with icing or candy or sprinkles or whatever you want! The snowmen’s faces and scarves are made of icing. If you do sprinkles, these would come out best if the chocolate has not yet hardened. 


And there you have it! Super easy and super fun. I hope you get to try it and that it satisfies any dessert cravings you may have. Also in case you were wondering: only 271 more days until Christmas!! (heart eyes)

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