An ode to the comfy

Taylor Parker

On the surface - ridiculous; in practice - gold in size XXL. 


I was not always a lover of the Comfy, but everything changed on Christmas Day in 2019. It all started when my friends hosted an annual Christmas party, complete with a gift exchange. I was not expecting anything special - maybe some of my favorite candy and a card or two. Instead, I got the gift that transformed my closet forever.


When my friend passed me a massive box with a flourish, I was unsure what was inside. Opening the box, I saw “The Comfy” in big block letters, with an image of a woman drowning in fleece. I raised an eyebrow.


“What is this supposed to be?” I asked. 


I was stumped. Was it a Walmart edition of the Snuggie? Inexperienced with wearable blankets, I was unaware that I was looking at the perfect item of clothing - shapeless, cozy, convenient. Essentially, it was flawless. 


At that moment, I remained skeptical about this “Comfy”, but I fell in love when I wore it for the first time. It was like wearing a warm cloud or being hugged by a giant ball of fluff. It was comfort at its finest. So, I started wearing the Comfy daily around my house. My dad even nicknamed it my “Schleprock Suit”, after the Flintstones character whose outfit consists of a hooded mass of fabric. He wasn’t wrong. I looked like I was being overcome by a fleece monster, but I was just too comfortable to care. 


While the Comfy became a constant in my wardrobe, the world was changing. A pandemic hit. My senior year of high school was cut short. Everyone was resigned to their homes and reduced to wearing the same pair of sweatpants on a loop. The Comfy was the perfect clothing choice once again. It was the convenience of wearing a blanket in the disguise of a sweatshirt, with the bonus of blending in on a Zoom screen. As a sulking senior, the Comfy provided warmth and happiness as I finished high school from home.


When I started packing for college, my parents asked, “Are you really going to take that?” The Comfy was taking up half of an IKEA bag, jostling for space with my already large collection of sweatshirts. But how could I not bring it? It was the ideal item of clothing for college in quarantine. Getting food? Wear the Comfy. Studying? Comfy. Napping? I think you can fill in the blank here. 


The Comfy became my source of comfort on bad days and my uniform for exams. It kept me warm when the heat in my building was on the fritz, and it did double duty as a blanket when my love of shorts became incompatible with the month of February. Ultimately, I have to thank my Comfy for being my ride or die in difficult times, and when in doubt about what to wear, the Comfy the first thing I reach for in my closet. Originally, $39.99 seemed expensive for what appeared to be just an XXL fleece, but having worn my comfy for over two hundred times to date, I can assure you that it is worth every penny. Now, it is with great joy that I conclude this piece with “try a Comfy and enjoy”.