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Joy reeves

author of growing up grassroots

Grace Jennings

Joy Reeves is a rising junior at Duke studying Environmental Science and Policy. She has just published her first book called Growing Up in the Grassroots which tackles the generational divide of the environmental movement and emphasizes the importance of bridging this gap in order to make long-term change. Joy has been involved in environmental activism her whole life, and having published her first book, she’s definitely one to watch out for as a leader in this field. 


In this interview, I get to know Joy a little bit better by asking her about her life and journey as an environmentalist. She offers a lot of very poignant advice for students and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact, understand the social dynamics of the environmental movement, and find hope in an overwhelmingly dismal conversation. Being able to say that I get to go to school, and even take classes, with women like Joy makes me incredibly hopeful for the future of our climate and even more proud to be a Duke woman.  

Check out Joy’s IndieGoGo campaign where you can learn more about the book and her journey as an author!

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