I don't Know

Riley Hicks

“I don’t know” is a common phrase I use often

To avoid the harsh truth, an emotion, forgotten.

A catch-all, one phrase, three words on my tongue,

Always my go to, ever since I was young. 


In school they would say “it’s okay to not know”,

But is it a cop-out, the farther you go?

Some advice I would give you is “don’t wear it out,

You’ll become your own enemy, with far too much doubt.” 


Too much doubt in yourself, in the end you won’t learn

What will happen tomorrow, will you crash and burn?

In the time you spend worrying about things you don’t know

You miss opportunities to study and grow.


The unknown is so grand, so vague, and so scary,

Feelings of stress, the emotions you bury. 

So how does one think that the unknown is good?

Living in fear is a sad livelihood


Knowing too much does not exist,

There are things in this world that have been dismissed.

To not know who you are is not what I mean, 

It's the things you know you don’t know, that are between.


It takes lots of guts to replace the phrase with truth

Especially if you don’t have concrete proof

Of the thing that you think, that you say, or feel

Its okay to not know its origin, its okay, it’s still real


Be real with yourself, accept if you don’t know

But don't fake it, don’t do it, you’ll ruin life’s flow

The flow of reality, your control of life’s center

and the amount of “I don’t know’s” you allow to enter.


It is time we confront the things and feelings we know 

Because after we do, “Oh the places you’ll go!”

Face the truth that you will not perhaps know it all,

But try and try again! Get back up when you fall


Don’t fall in the trap of the unknown’s abyss, 

But if you do, just remember: ignorance is bliss.