So, how are you feeling about classes starting this week?

We received almost 50 responses to our questions regarding Duke students starting school this week. Here are some of their responses.

What Year are you?

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 4.12.21 PM.png

are you in durham this fall?

Are you on or off campus?

How are you feeling, really?

Fine, it’s weird though. Feels like we are just living here not really here for school


Anxious honestly. It’s hard to make new friends or even strengthen friendships you had just begun last semester.


Honestly feel like we shouldn’t be here on campus. Expecting to be sent home in a month or so. But still happy to be back I think.


Bad. Really bad.


Super excited to be back in a groove. Get waves of nervousness about the virus and its spread among students and the Durham community.


Lonely and missing campus a lot; at the same time too many Zoom calls with friends are exhausting so it’s difficult to find that middle ground.


I’m excited to come back because I need purpose again in my life, but I feel like there’s something more valuable I could be doing with my time than this half-ass school business.


Not hot. I need to see my friends for my mental sanity but I can’t.


Excited, but scared.


I'm worried about my friends that are doing in-person classes/living on campus/going back to Duke in any way because I feel like colleges aren't doing enough to prevent the spread of COVID and its most likely going to impact the surrounding communities worse than the students themselves which is all-around bad. Also, people are going to DIE and I don't think enough people are taking this seriously.


The initial shock of the change is a lot.


Honestly a little lonely.


I’m excited to use my brain again.


OK, I guess, excited to be back and it's really nice to see my friends but something about the campus vibe is just not the same. That's pretty obvious but it's really noticeable.

It’s really difficult to balance wanting a traditional college experience While knowing there are serious consequences in doing just that. I want to be selfish at times honestly.

What are you most afraid of?

There will be a big corona outbreak and Duke will cancel all in-person classes.


Not being able to rekindle relationships I had last year.


 I want to expand but don’t know how and I am afraid I will get left behind.


Not having a fulfilling freshman year.


Failing, not having friends.


Faculty, staff, and Durhamites suffering from student-to-student infection.


I fear that the freshmen will be in constant pursuit of the college life they expected, thereby breaking the Duke Compact and endangering lives in the process.


I'm afraid of the email that we're going to get in three weeks telling us that some of our classmates didn't beat covid.


Falling into a depression due to the change and stress of a new reality.


I fear losing any sort of spontaneity in college life. 


I’m afraid of Zoom fatigue since all my classes are online.


Undeniable #FOMO

Giving someone covid.

What are you excited about?

Chill apartment vibes and cooking.


Being out of my house. 


Meeting new friends.


Having my own room.


Being busy.


Nugget. After months of being apart, seeing her is the only constant in my life that triumphs over all the annoyances.

I impulsively got a pet bunny rabbit so I'm excited to spend time with her. (Her name is Honeybun :))

Being with my family will be great.


Being with friends again.



What is one thing that brings you comfort in this time?

My roommate.


My home, I like the way it looks, it’s peaceful and cozy and bright yellow and it’s hard to feel lonely in such a lovely space. 


We are all a little lost.


Actual social interaction.


The familiarity of Durham and how much I love this city.




Everyone I know is healthy right now.

What do you think is your greatest responsibility as a resident of Durham?

Keeping the community safe.


Be respectful that this isn’t a free for all and we are in fact in a pandemic

The residents of Durham did not ask us Duke students to come back from all over the country and world potentially, so we all need to be extra careful to keep them safe and be aware of the consequence our actions have on the larger community.


Always wear a mask.


Voting and paying attention to what's going on in the community/keeping in touch with local news


Not thinking of myself as an outsider who doesn't have to worry about this community. 


To respect the people and framework that have existed way before my involvement.


While I'll only be at Duke for four years, I have to make sure to be considerate of the people who call Durham home.

What have you been doing for fun?



Watching normal people, crying over normal people.




Hanging out with friends safely (masks on of course).


Getting food with friends.


Crafts, running, baking, watching movies.


Watching KUWTK.


Seeing friends from a distance.

Waiting for Keith & Nugget.

Eating my heart out.

Scrolling through TikTok.

Waiting for Keith & Nugget again.